Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deco Sunburst Screen by Weather! or not? enhanced with new materials for Genre

This new release from Weather! or not? features new materials rendering! They look great with current standard viewers but even better with the the enhanced materials detail.

(For full effect you can use the beta viewer and enable Advanced Lighting Model. Additional info inside the notecard.)

These will be for sale at the Genre event starting on the 15th of June for $L100 each. The designs and construction are entirely original in every detail, from mesh, to pattern, to materials.

You can easily set the angle you like too by just clicking on them.

Thank you,

Further Monday

Friday, June 7, 2013

Weather! or not? for The Wash Beach Party

I figure you're going to have plenty of selection at The Wash Beach Party of teeny weeny bathing suits, so I say why not provide the public with some alternatives?

Sometimes the beach isn't all sandy... so we made this Rocky Resting Spot with 5 animated poses for one avatar on exclusive special at the Beach Part for $L50.

... and for only $L10 you can gag on an cephalopod! What a bargain, right? Octopus Inside comes in four different colors and includes the backwards head tilt and open mouth anim when you wear it.

Visit our location at The Wash Beach Party - click this link (opens June 5th)

After the very successful end of the World Goth Day event in SL, we are now releasing the Doom Cloud Wearable in our in-world and marketplace shops.

Speaking of Main Stores, have you been to our new location yet? - click here to check it out!

And find us on Marketplace here.

Monday, June 3, 2013

So much news!

OK, let's start off with the fact we have changed location and have a brand new floating island build with a bigger better shop. We say farewell to Hobb's End and hellooooo Steelhead!


Next, let's talk about the free gifts available there - one set of Warning Signs for the Burner community, as well as a mini set for the Cookie Jar Hunt.

Then we also have three other sets of new Warning Sign releases ( I know, I went a little crazy with them but what can I say, I was on a roll!)... Oz, Pacific Northwest, and Australia themed.

Coming soon watch out for new releases for the Beach Party at the Wash and the Thrift Shop at Depraved Productions...