Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beauty and the Beastly

Weather! or not? Main Store Location

Three new releases for you this time based on some of our favorite themes to start the year off!

Firstly, we have our latest in the Wrought Iron Whimsy line, the Gateway! Can be used as an exterior garden trellis, a grand entrance piece, or interior splendor for your elegant builds. In fact, it even comes with three different styles to choose from, plus can be further costumized as they are copy mod. The lamp element in the design has a full light and illumination control touch-menu in it, and they go perfectly with the rest of our Wrought Iron Whimsy releases.

Oh by the way, we're part of a great new monthly event called Designer Showcase, where you can find a new offering from each creator for a special deal of $100L, including our Gateway for the month of January.  Go check out all the great things! From the landing point go straight north and you'll find the building.

Designer Showcase teleport

...and for something *completely different*... a Shabby Shop! Yes, we did a 180 this week and made something fancy, and something nearly falling apart! You have to admit, it's chock full of character though. Made to fit on a corner, this store has two levels, all custom sculpts you won't find elsewhere and creaky scripted doors. Besides, just because it's shabby doesn't mean it isn't well made ;)

Finally, we have a special release exclusive for the Extend a Helping Hand funderaiser event for the Queensland flooding in Australia.  The Bridge Over Troubled Water is a recolor of our arched bridge in weathered white that is 100% donation. We also have the Rainbrella and our Lightning System there at 50% donation. You can find this at the main store, or better yet go to the event hall to see all the items creators have donated for this fundraiser.


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Weather! or not?