Friday, July 26, 2013

Fireflies and Dragonflies

Hello folks!

Cookie Jar is having a Summer Garden Party event and we've got some goodies for ya.

For $L50 we have a new release, some lovely fireflies for your garden that have a complex and mesmerizing flight pattern that's never the same twice.

Also, if you are or become a Cookie Jar group member, you can pick up our free Dragonfly Head Pet gift.

Both of these available right near the landing point at the main store.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weather! or not? is on a balloon and insect kick

New stuffs from Weather! or not?....

First the cheap and charming Sun Balloon! Only $10L and TRANSFER if you to give a fun little gift.

Second we have the Dragonflyer Wearable, an exclusive for the Summer Break Fest for $L99 that features a friendly dragonfly that will help you fly about. Comes with a floating/flying animation, dragonfly sounds, and a control HUD to turn it on and off.

THIS SLURL HERE should get you to the Weather! or not? stall if you double teleport where you can find both the balloon (in the pink water toy on the roof and the dragon flyer. :)

And then there is Flux Americana, which I have yet to send a notice about though it opened a while ago. There we have the Red, White, and Balloon Dangler... a fun attachment with three different pose choices that has you floating around by a pack of balloons! Also with control HUD and sounds.... and it's mod so it's easy to retint the balloons how you like :) $L200 available:


That's all for now, but soon... Food Fair!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Some awfully big insects

So you know when you look down at your arm and discover there's a mosquito biting you and you smack it and it dies?


Nope, what we have here is large and unreasonably enormously huge large bloodsucking mosquitoes.

Dare we say MEGA? Yes, yes we do.

There are two versions, the big ones are a hunt freebie throughout the month of July. The REALLY big ones are on sale for Woeful Wednesday for $L50 and then go up to normal price.

These insects are sure to do at least one of the following:
1. freak people out
2. make them laugh
3. make them look at you funny

I say whatever happens, that's money well spent!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Weather! or not? for The Home Show

The Home Show is open!

Weather! or not? has three new releases available exclusively throughout the event. The first is the very fun and whimsical Balloon Chair.

This fun addition is packed full of poses for one or two avatars at once. There are various sits as well as holding on for dear life. You can even meditate on top of the balloon if you like! Made of all original mesh with a materials bonus on the balloon.

Then we've also created more glass room divider screens to go as a compliment to our previous release. These also use materials in the glass and metal original design, and because it's Weather! or not? we went for a rain theme to go with the previous sunburst.

Come see our new releases here: