Sunday, August 18, 2013

Genre Parasols in gold and silver, materials enabled with lots of extras

Gorgeous Spiral Parasols for Genre this round in silver and gold with numerous poses, color options, and particles all scripted for your customization.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Full color range for Fire ElemenTrees released by Weather! or not?

Weather! or not? presents the full color selection release of the ElemenTree Fire. These trees come in a flame version, but also five other colors and are intentionally fantastical in their appearance as opposed to realistic.

Each pack is $L450 but for one day, Woeful Wednesday, the ash color pack only will be a mere $L50!


12 different styles and sizes in each pack with a deletable control script to tailor your glow and particles how you like them, including all off. These are copy and mod as well, so you have a lot of customizable options and can use them as a major element in your landscaping or a touch of something different.

With a MATERIALS enabled viewer there is almost no alpha flicker in the softer version, absolutely zero flicker in the sharper version.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

New ElemenTrees Fire on sale today only for The Neighborhood

Four different styles and sizes with a deletable control script to tailor your glow and particles how you like them, including all off. Scripts can also be easily deleted once trees are set how you prefer. On a materials enabled viewer there is almost no alpha flicker. More colors will be coming soon but this one only on sale this Saturday for Weather! or not?'s  first round in The Neighborhood. $L200 today, price will increase after today.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Flux Flamingos + RLM and Woeful Star Pillows from Weather! or not?

Now available at Flux - Lawn Ornament and Mighty Big Pose Prop Flamingos in both traditional pink and, because we here at Weather! or not? have a bit of a goth streak... also black.

We also have this week for just $L45 some Starfish Pillows for the Royal Living Seashore Hunt. Very easy to find our hunt object not too far from the sign at our Main Store.

And because we liked the design so much, we are also releasing a different version of the pillows on sale for one day only for this upcoming Woeful Wednesday at $L50.