Saturday, February 18, 2012

Okay Weatherites, hang on to your rain bonnets because I've got all sorts of things to tell you about!  From pixies, to sinners, to hunts, to zombies, there's a lot goin' on.

First up, let's talk some evil shall we? That's right, the Festival of Sin is opening on the 18th, and all seven sins are out to play. Our shop is located in Gluttony, and in typical Weather! or not? fashion we've gone with something a little wacky but a lot fun! Check out our new themed release for 225$L:

Second we have a special hunt item (that's very easy to find) for the Royal Living Magazine Fall in Love with Prims Hunt. All items in this event are only 45L$ for the duration, and Further's created a great interactive hay bale that's perfect for outdoor decorating and socializing!

Also out now is the rather insane-in-a-wonderful-way Chimneyknot. That's right, I took a chimney and tied it in a knot, then added a dash of spiraling smoke to top it off. A very whimsical build you can use to replace your own chimney or just rez coming out of the ground and let your neighbors wonder what's living under the sim. :) This is a special release for the second wave of the ZombiePopcorn merchants in February and selling for 180$L..

But we're not done yet! Nope, Further's gone Petite Mesh Avatar mad this week, and made several releases resized, reposed, and adjusted just for use with these tiny lovely faery folk. You can find Jester Chairs, Daisybrellas, and Cloud Couches all for little people in our main location.

... and if you happened to miss them before, all of those are also available for normal sized avatars.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little Fluffy Cloud Couches - rainy and sunny editions

Another new release for you this week with the very whimsical yet highly functional Little Fluffy Cloud Couches. We're bringing you the best in celestial seating with this new mesh build that's got poses for both singles and couples, plus different versions with more or less effects depending on your tastes.

On special starting now through the end of Wednesday night, the Rainy Edition is only 55L$ for Woeful Wednesday! Sunny version and regular price for Rainy version is 265 L$.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Come check out the new monthly themed event called FLUX! This month is Mardi Gras, and I've made a New Orleans style long format cottage, know as shotgun-style. It's a mesh construction with a great deal of detailing including 3D moldings and skirting boards. It has both a front and back porch and fireplace. The texturing features a lovely interplay of whites and blues. It has a very reasonable land impact of 53 for the amount of detail in the architecture, and is selling for 1000 $L.

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Also at the main store location are two hunts starting on the first of the month. For the ZombiePopcorn Hunt we have a gold version of the Jester Chair for you to find.

The Tainted Love Hunt gift is so wrong, and yet so right for the theme! I Only Have Eyes For You..