Thursday, February 2, 2012

Come check out the new monthly themed event called FLUX! This month is Mardi Gras, and I've made a New Orleans style long format cottage, know as shotgun-style. It's a mesh construction with a great deal of detailing including 3D moldings and skirting boards. It has both a front and back porch and fireplace. The texturing features a lovely interplay of whites and blues. It has a very reasonable land impact of 53 for the amount of detail in the architecture, and is selling for 1000 $L.

Teleport to FLUX

Also at the main store location are two hunts starting on the first of the month. For the ZombiePopcorn Hunt we have a gold version of the Jester Chair for you to find.

The Tainted Love Hunt gift is so wrong, and yet so right for the theme! I Only Have Eyes For You..

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