Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring has sprung with the new Daisybrella

What's better than walking around with a giant flower as an umbrella? Having two types of daisies spiral out and blow around you in the wind! Our newest umbrella offering features these elements, as well as lovely sculpted leaves and color change petals to match any outfit. This creation is very joyous - everyone we know who's seen it seems to have their spirits uplifted a little. We certainly enjoyed making it! :)

 Find it in-world in our Main Store location or on Xstreet

Monday, March 15, 2010

St Pat's Day!

We're super proud to announce two new release products to celebrate St Patrick's Day!

Firstly, Clover Paper Lanterns!

All original design and sculpting with an interior glow for a sophisticated effect. Item is copy & mod, so you can decorate a large area with them. Prim count is very low (only 4 for the entire string of eight lanterns!) but the quality & detail is high. Please take a look either inworld or on xstreet

Also the Cloverbrella!

A four-leaf clover custom sculpted umbrella that emits two different types of clover to blow in the wind. Umbrella is transfer - makes a wonderful gift! Available inworld or on xstreet.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Press coverage - FabFashion TV and Chic blog...

Hey - we're on television! We were approached by Patty Cortes and Angie Mornington over the weekend, and voila - today our umbrellas were featured as part of Fabulous Fashion TV. Here is the link for the whole show:

Watch it here (our coverage starts around 32:30).

Also today Chic Aeon has included the WishyWashyBrella in her latest blog post - I really love what she did with the picture for this!

Check it out.

Oh, and more coverage on this blog, featuring the Sunbrella vs a scary urban tunnel and a bad day - guess who wins? ;)

Neon and Dirty Laundry? New Releases for the Accessory Fair ;)

Weather! or not? new releases available ONLY at the Accessories Fair for the month of March:

Can't help but air your dirty laundry? Then this is for you you! ;) Although this umbrella provides minimal weather protection, drops the occasional sock and is kind of rusty & bent this accessory screams 'this person is a bit strange!'. If thats your kettle of fish, or your bag of eels even, please consider proudly wielding the WishyWashyBrella!

* Highly detailed sculptie construction, lovingly bent and warped from years of simulated virtual use (and swinging on it like it was playground equipment).
* intermittent sock dropping Particle effect
* flexible pre-soiled 'washing' hanging from the line
* highly detailed sculptie clothes pegs/pins
* sculpted wearable shoulder sock (as if one fell on you and stayed there).

This isn't just a texture in a box, its a fully sculpted miniature 3D neon sign! The text cycles from NITE to LIFE, going dark inbtween, and a small red illuminates you at the same time as the text lights up - cool effect!

Enjoy as always,

Fang Roffo and Further Monday
Weather! or not?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three hunts at the main store location for the month of March!

This is the prize for the Twisted Hunt
Hint is: It's like finding a needle in a haystack... ;)


Lots of extras on this brolly for the steampunker in you! Hint is: Take a defensive position. Part of STEAM, the Hunt.

We are super proud of this build and think it's one of our best to date. Hint for this one is: Get some perspective! You'll find it as part of the Building Blocks Hunt.