Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wearable Wallflowers and Rezzable Landscaping

Hi folks,

Further back to tell you about some new offerings from Weather! or not?... first of all a bit of silliness that will make you the life, or possibly the death, of the party. ;)

Yes, that's right... you just wear this wall anywhere you want and instantly everyone will know you are the shy one. Seriously, this never fails to amuse at a party when you whip your own wall and flower out to hide behind. Funny, suddenly everyone is lookin' at ya rather than away! This version is only available at the Albero Gatcha Fest - hurry up and grab it!

Then, on a more shall we say conventional note, we have more landscaping sets of plant sculpts. Several new packs for indoor or outdoor plantings.... what, you say it's out of season? Not if you live south of the equator like Fang does! Besides, at Weather! or not? we think the seasons are yours to control at your whim ;)

You'll find these at our Weather! or not? Main Store Location or at Our Marketplace Shop!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weather! or not? Grand Reopening Partylike Shindig this weekend!

Happening now and throughout the weekend, our big shindig. Come check out our wonderful new space on the Home Sim and be a part of the celebration! We have two new umbrellas releases that are totally ridiculous and fun! Also, on sale for half price this weekend only ;)

And speaking of sales, various items around the store are marked down 50% off this weekend - including Pulsing Heart Lantern Multipack, crazy wearables like Contact Has Been Made and the Tornado Twister, the Deluxe Weatherbrella, and more!

Also, you'll want to pick up your free opening party gift of a sculpted Prawn Racer Vehicle, so silly and fun we laughed like crazy making it and we bet you will too when you ride it around ;)

Finally, check out these new landscaping releases - sculpted flowers and grasses to liven up your space with new colors and designs. You can see lots of examples spread around throughout our new location!