Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cloud Lamps, Skelebrellas, and Jester Hats

Time for some more recent releases from Weather! or not?... we've got three to tell you about on this round, and lot's more coming soon! Plus there's a hunt item as well for Twisted.

Weather! or not? Main Store

At our Main Store you'll find the Little Fluffy Cloud Lamp, latest in a series of cloud based releases. This one has a full effect and light menu so you can customize your lamp to suit your whims, including switching on the sun or the rain to match your mood. 180$L

For those of you who love hunts, it's that time again for the toughest hunt in SL - Twisted! Our Arcane-themed prize is the fantastical Genie Effect, which will instantly make your avatar (more) magical. Free in this color throughout the month, after which a full effect and color control version will be released.

For this month's Flux theme of taxidermia, we've created the Bejeweled Skelebrella, complete with rubies in the palms of the boney hands and skull eye sockets. Comes in two versions for use with or without an umbrella AO that you may have already. 150$L

Last but not least there are some rather festive  hats to be had at the Starlust Gatcha Festival! Five different colors of Suede Jester Hats, all original mesh design by Weather! or not? and complete with little bells that actually jingle.

Starlust Gatcha Fest at Lloyd