Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thunder and Lightning! Plus Wear Gray exclusives...

Experience dramatic bright lightning and deep rumbles of thunder on your SL land. 'Weather! or not?' have created an intuitive menu controlled ' Thunder n' Lightning System' for your high voltage atmospheric pleasure. You can almost smell the ozone!

This system has some special features you won't find in others... it's very customizable so you can get the effects you want. You can control the localized placement of thunder sound repeaters, the volume of sound, the range of area in which the lightning strikes occur, and how often they occur. It's also got an interactive menu system that makes configuring easy, and cleanup when you want to delete the sysem is very simple.

We've been working on this one for months perfecting it! We think you'll be impressed, and especially enjoy the range and quality of the thunder sounds that are triggered by the lightning flashes. Fang brought his audio engineer skills to the forefront on that. In addition, we have optimized the scripting control for fasted response and lowest lag.

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Also! We have a couple exclusive releases at the moment for the Wear Gray fundraiser for Brain Tumor Research. We made the stage build for the event, and are selling it 100% donation, as well as an exclusive coloring of the Silver Mediallion Jewelry set in black!

There is a whole sim full of shopping plus auctions and other events happening for this worthy cause - it's going on now until the 25th of September, go check it out :) Our booth in right by the landing point and the stage.