Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Jester Chair

 A bit outlandish, a bit ridiculous, yet also so appealing in it's lush suede tones... it's the Weather! or not? Jester Chair! So you're friends might think you're a little eccentric, we all know the joke's on them, don't we?

Comes with nine different animated sit poses, as well as several options for bells including silver, brass, or without. In addition, you can rez a version of the chair that has some gentle jingling sounds hiding in the bells when they are clicked. If you prefer, there are also versions in the box with no sound in them as well. 225$L for an exclusive mesh design by Further Monday.  


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rainbow Lanterns, Barbed Wire Fences, The Precarious Pier, and The Big Barn Shop!

Weather! or not? has been very busy this week, we've got several great new products being released. Let's start out with something to brighten your day, these gorgeous lantern strings in rainbow colors. Our lanterns are very popular, and with good reason! They are both very efficient in terms of prims and have a great three dimensional design. I thought it was time to make some muilt-color packs, so this is the first of that series to be released... more will be coming!

Next we have some barbed wire fences for your landscaping needs... they come in both sculpted and texture panel versions, and new and aged versions, totaling four different sets to choose from (two pictured). Not only do you get an easily configurable set of fence pieces, but each one comes with a scripted gate that includes an animated pose, so you can perch on top!

The Precarious Pier is another new addition, and you and your friends will have loads of fun with it. It feautures 10 different animations and poses, and can seat up to 6 avatars at a time! It comes in three different colorings - grey, medium, and dark wood, and can even be used as a partial off-sim if you like.

Finally this week we are releasing the Big Barn Shop, a large two-story extremely rustic building with loads of character. It includes custom shading, loads of sculpted detailing, creaking doors, and a U-shaped design that fits a 32 x 50m space. Unlike many other builds, this shop is chock full of three dimensional details, not relying on alpha textures, but instead using sculpted pieces.

Enjoy! - Further

You can find us in-world at the Weather! or not? main shop or on Marketplace.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Old School Desk

So I was in the shop the other day, and the customer walking through was looking for an old school desk for a punk rock high school party. I didn't have such a thing, yet, but I been thinking about making something like that for a long time. She gave me the final push to get on with it, and a week later, I present to you…

The Old School Desk, bad apple edition, is scratched, worn, bent, and graffitied! This desk has seen the trial of years of abuse by misbegotten youth. Now you can be your own rebel without a cause... The desk comes with six different poses, all the way from lounging with your feet up, to sprawling on the desktop, to hiding under the chair. The whole scene is ten land impact, one for the optional shadow map, five for the chair with poses, and four for the desk. It also comes with the purely decorative chair with a land impact of three.

The desk features detailed, original texture work and original mesh sculpting. I think you'll be impressed with the quality. This is our first mesh release of many more to come... stay tuned!

Weather! or not? Main Store

Weather! or not? Marketplace

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Chandelier and Event Stage

The Rounded Wooden Stage is a simple but striking design, perfect for parties and events, and equally great outdoors as in! The build features original sculpts, optional shadow, and two platforms for staging. Two staircases offer multiple access points. All components are mod copy so you can tailor it how you like.

From the Weather! or not? interior design studio I have a new release for you, a gorgeous wrought iron and glass chandelier... come check out the sample rezzed at the main store. This is the newest release in our popular series, and offers the same comprehensive controls of colors and numerous illumination parameters.