Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Disco System release and Expo RFL items

So have you ever been disappointed that with all those disco balls floating around, you never get the actual lighting effect moving on the walls of the club around you? Well, we've changed all that!

With the Smooth Disco Room Lighting System your whole environment will be lit up. It creates an amazing party space, and the control system offers numerous options on tailoring the effect to your specific desires. You can easily switch colors, control the speed and rotation, toggle the spotlights, light beams, wall effect, and sparkle particles. The system also has configurable access settings, allowing it to be used by owner only, group, or public as desired. Furthermore, any purchase includes lifetime updates to the product as new features and improvements are added.

You can see a demonstration model at our home store location and try out the controls yourself.

Weather! or not? Main Store

Also out this week are two exclusives for the Home and Garden Expo - 100% donation items during the event for the American Cancer Society:

This magical fish is also a moon! It comes in two versions, one for rezzing horizontal in a pool of water and another for vertical as if floating in the sky. Both come with fun poses as well as animated fins and tail, a large slowly rotating milky way halo, and occasional bubbles and stars emitted from the mouth. All original mesh creation by Further Monday.

The second RFL item is a set of roaming dust devils, with optional sound and range controls. Perfect for adding some atmosphere to the ranch or wasteland near you! ;)

Find these items at the Weather! or not? Home and Garden Expo parcel

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weather! or not? does Culture Shock

Weather! or not? does Culture Shock

I'm not even sure what to say about this first offering, other than it's a very lovely jewellry set with a very definite twist.... I think I'll have to let the image speak for itself really.

.... and then ..... it's a belt, but it's an asteroid belt, but it's an asteroid field, but it's a belt. Also, unisex! The rocks all tumble around at different rates and there's a really nifty starry particle effect and you just gotta see this one animate, trust me.

Both items are 50% donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres charity during the event and available only on the Culture Shock sim. The following SLURL will take you to the main landing point first, then click again to tp right to our location.

Weather! or not? at Culture Shock

Keep it surreal, good people.