Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Neon and Dirty Laundry? New Releases for the Accessory Fair ;)

Weather! or not? new releases available ONLY at the Accessories Fair for the month of March:

Can't help but air your dirty laundry? Then this is for you you! ;) Although this umbrella provides minimal weather protection, drops the occasional sock and is kind of rusty & bent this accessory screams 'this person is a bit strange!'. If thats your kettle of fish, or your bag of eels even, please consider proudly wielding the WishyWashyBrella!

* Highly detailed sculptie construction, lovingly bent and warped from years of simulated virtual use (and swinging on it like it was playground equipment).
* intermittent sock dropping Particle effect
* flexible pre-soiled 'washing' hanging from the line
* highly detailed sculptie clothes pegs/pins
* sculpted wearable shoulder sock (as if one fell on you and stayed there).

This isn't just a texture in a box, its a fully sculpted miniature 3D neon sign! The text cycles from NITE to LIFE, going dark inbtween, and a small red illuminates you at the same time as the text lights up - cool effect!

Enjoy as always,

Fang Roffo and Further Monday
Weather! or not?

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