Friday, June 7, 2013

Weather! or not? for The Wash Beach Party

I figure you're going to have plenty of selection at The Wash Beach Party of teeny weeny bathing suits, so I say why not provide the public with some alternatives?

Sometimes the beach isn't all sandy... so we made this Rocky Resting Spot with 5 animated poses for one avatar on exclusive special at the Beach Part for $L50.

... and for only $L10 you can gag on an cephalopod! What a bargain, right? Octopus Inside comes in four different colors and includes the backwards head tilt and open mouth anim when you wear it.

Visit our location at The Wash Beach Party - click this link (opens June 5th)

After the very successful end of the World Goth Day event in SL, we are now releasing the Doom Cloud Wearable in our in-world and marketplace shops.

Speaking of Main Stores, have you been to our new location yet? - click here to check it out!

And find us on Marketplace here.

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