Friday, July 2, 2010

Weather! or not? at Operation Squeegee

We have quite eclectic set of offerings for you this week, all of them to be found at OPERATION SQUEEGEE HEADQUARTERS!

First off we have the events stage itself! This is a custom creation by Fang specifically made for OpSquee but suited for all sorts of outdoor events and locations. It features sturdy, rustic wooden construction and an unusual design making it perfect for those tricky corner locations! Of course, we always love to keep our prim count down, so the whole stage including ivy covering, stairs, handrails, and beams is only 44 prims. Made with our own unique sculpts so you'll never find another like it in design.

Then we have the lantern strings... based on one of our most popular items, this is an exclusive multi-color combination of orchid, mint, and bluegrey. Only 4 prims for the whole strand of lights, the package also features several choices in style - straight or curved in perfect condition or with a bit of aged and tattered character added.

Ok, now for something *completely different*! From the twisted minds of Fang and Further - we present... the Gloop avatar set:

... comes in both "Crude" and "Refined" versions. Both include giant spreading oily footprints, sloshing sounds when walking, and a comical AO. Crude is bigger, badder, and just plain awful, where Refined has spiffed itself up a bit with a top hat, tie, spectacles, and even a carnation. Still, I don't think this avi is gonna win any modeling pageants! Still, what a look, eh?

So, for those of you who DO want to win beauty pageants, we have a lovely new design of jewelry! The first of its type, the Silver Medallion Pendant and Earrings are offered here with blue stones to remind you of the oceans.

Please visit Operation Squeegee to find our newest batch of creations and help support the National Wildlife Federation's Oil Spill Recovery Fund. All of our items are 100% Donation!

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