Friday, July 30, 2010

One day exclusive July 30th plus Gatcha and Techie Hunt!

For the Silent Lion Troupe this month, our white offering - the Silver Medallion Pendant for L$ 75, one day only - Friday, July 30th! It's both discounted and an exclusive color release - hop on over to our Main Store Location and grab a copy of this lovely original design with custom sculpting and three different types of chain to choose from.
... and for a more whimsical treat try your luck at the Albero Gatcha Festival where you can find our Flower Fluffs! Five different colors and rare with particles for only L$ 20 each.
Then starting on August 1st and going throughout the month is the Techie Hunt. We've decided to get back to basics on this one, and offer you the ever-useful Battery Backpack! The lead sparks a bit, but don't worry, we're sure it's perfectly safe, and it comes with a lead you can hold in your hand as well so you're ready to offer assistance! ;)  Also available at the Weather! or not? Main Store.

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