Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weather! or not? loves the Fantasy Faire, so we've gone all out with new releases and RFL exclusive items. Transform your avatars into magical Genies, get friendly with some sea life with our new versions of the Octohairs and Octochokers, and relax in an outdoor Gazebo especially sized for Petites!

Two new releases...

and two releases designed for Petite Mesh avatars!

RFL exclusive items, all recolors of the Octohairs and Octochokers, available only during RFL season, then retired:

I had a lot of fun designing the shop build on the Fantasy Faire sim, and I think you'll really enjoy a visit, it's pretty unusual! Besides, you can check out all of the amazing builds and creativity from the most imaginative minds in SL at this event, so go take a look ...

One click will take you to the Meanderville sim, a second will take you right to our shop there!
Weather! or not? at Fantasy Faire

Or if you prefer, you can also find the same products released in our main store location:
WorN SLurl

Keep it fantastic and enjoy!


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