Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dubious Fun with the Dangerous Diving Board

Someone nailed this diving board together years ago and nobody has taken it down yet... you and your friends can still risk life and limb like you do every year down at the old watering hole.  Climb on it, hang off of the end, sunbath on top, peer over the edge, pretend you are a hero, lean against it and look cool, suspend yourself upside down from the side... heck, you can even dive off the thing if you are really brave enough! There are ten different poses to choose from in the interactive menu, and you can get five avatars on it all at the same time!

This is a collaborative effort between the building skills of Weather! or not? and the posing imagination of HopScotch. It's only six prims, including the shadow, and features all original sculpting and pose work you won't find anywhere else. 

Get yours in-world at the Weather! or not? Main Store. Down by the water you'll find one already  rezzed to take a look at. Our collaborative partner, HopScotch, also has them for sale!

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