Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yellow Brick Road to Nowhere and Pose Stations!

We released this during the Fantasy Faire, but never had a chance to blog it... plus we've just released a whole set of other interactive scenes based on the original build!

First up is The Yellow Brick Road to Nowhere. It is is a 16m x 50m piece of interactive offworld scenery with several different poses attached. It was designed to sit mostly beyond the edge of a sim. Of course, it can really can be used many different ways, including entirely within parcel boundaries. The poses provide a way of inhabiting this object even when it protrudes over the edge of a sim boundary. You can have up to 9 avatars posed on the Road at the same time! The poses match moments in the story - you can skip down the road with your friends, sleep in the poppies, get crushed like the Witch under a house, hang up and scare crows, cower in the bushes, and be rusted solid like the Tin Man!

If you prefer, you can now choose just single activity areas. Each Yellow Brick Road Pose Station is a 8m x 8m piece of scenery with an associated pose. The large transparent poseball over the scenery makes them easy to click from a long way away. Each one comes with two versions. One includes the grass textured base, miniature road, and emerald city. The second version is more simple and has less prims as it just consists of the scenery specific to the pose.

They make fun interactive additions to your home, garden, shop, or other build. People love to take pics of themselves and their friends while playing on the Pose Stations, and they will remember the unique experience! There are 6 different kinds available.

Curious to see it in person? No worries, just drop on by our shop and take a peak! We have the whole build rezzed off-sim... and, you can even hang out and fish the 7 Seas at the same time if you like :)

Enjoy, Further and Fang of Weather! or not?

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